What is Benchmark Canterbury

By Benchmark Webmaster | on Nov 14, 2017

What is Benchmark Canterbury

By Benchmark Webmaster | on Nov 14, 2017

Benchmark Canterbury is a new take on small group training. Benchmark personalise the session by running you through a functional movement screening to test and analyse your movement, posture and strength. Benchmark will then place you into a session that best suits your body’s needs. Benchmark will place you in our 5-tier system that will then advance you to build you into your athletic best.

The 5-tier system:

Benchmark Canterbury believe that the training program should fit your needs and not try to make you fit into a session that your body’s not ready for and rise your chance of injury. Benchmark start with building a strong foundation breaking imbalances and poor motor patterns to improve movement quality. Benchmark believe you need to earn the right to progress into more complex movement patterns by passing screens to prove you’re ready for the next training modality. Each training session has been programed out for a 12-month period to ensure attendance means progression. Foundation: Concentrates on improving then loading important movement patterns, building foundational strength and breaking postural imbalances. With metabolic and conditioning components.

Accelerate: Learning how to move run to sprint and create power and speed. Learn basic individual and team sport movement patterns, focusing on learning to create speed directionally and improve reaction timing.

Condition: Focusing on complex movements, aiming to generate strength and power, this is where we introduce barbell exercises and powerful rotation movements as well as pushing big metabolic conditioning component.

Fortitude: Using Advanced methods borrowed from Olympic, powerlifting, and strongman. Develop explosive strength and power.

Benchmark: Recorded and measured athletic development, with high level training modalities using methods from foundation through to fortitude focusing on the most well-rounded athlete you can be.

Each session is run by a ASCA “Australian Strength and Conditioning” qualified coach that runs the 50-minute session and will give you feedback to improve your movement, posture and strength. Sessions have 1 coach per 6 athletes and the sessions are maxed out at 12 people per session to ensure that there are enough coaches per athlete.

Located in Sydney’s Inner west this Canterbury gym is changing the way group training is being approached using sport science methods to create this advanced training system. Benchmark uses the tools and methods used by high level athletes to get out of pain, improve movement and develop strength and power, plus looking like an athlete isn’t a bad thing either

Be a part of one of Sydney most advanced group training facilities and work with strength coaches to guide your development every step of the way be around like-minded individuals that are striving to achieve their athletic best.

Perfect for individuals near Earlwood, Hurlstone Park, Belmore ,Canterbury,Ashfield and Campsie

Posted on Nov 14, 2017