Quick tip for a strong core #2/3

By | on Nov 16, 2017

Quick tip for a strong core #2/3

By | on Nov 16, 2017

Efficient transfer and resist movement

(This post follows on from Tip #1 on achieving a strong core)

2) Holding a braced core while limbs are moving.

As the core's main job is to transfer energy from arms to leg and vice versa with minimal loss of energy, we train and improve this efficiency by finding positions where we hold a strong spinal and core position and move the limbs to create different difficulties.

Beginner - Dead dog

Intermediate - Bird Dog

Difficult - resistant band dead dog

Super human core - Unilateral bird dog

These movements will fast track you to a stronger, tighter, more efficient, healthier spine and core.

This will help improve nearly every movement you do on the field or in your day to day life.

Simple but effective when done right.

Do you have questions on the above movements? Get in touch with our Coaches.

Posted on Nov 16, 2017