By Benchmark Webmaster | on Nov 15, 2017


By Benchmark Webmaster | on Nov 15, 2017

The base to any strong and impressive structure is to have a well laid out foundation. A strong foundation means structural integrity and moving parts will work as they are intended to without dysfunction.

The base at Benchmark Canterbury is our Foundation sessions with the overall goal to learn basic movement at a high proficiency. Foundation sessions are programmed to achieve quality movement patterns, decrease asymmetries with unilateral work, improve posture by putting a heavy focus on mobility and strengthening neglected areas Eg: thoracic/ glutes. Don’t think of this as an easy session there is a strong focus on building strength, control and stability and there is always a metabolic finish to a Foundation session you will work hard during these sessions no matter what your fitness level.

The formula of a Foundation session:

Warm up. Short high intense effort to wake up the nervous system and prime the body for the session ahead

SMR: Self myofascial release or self-massage is when we use implements to work on tight areas or trigger points to relieve restricting prior to the prime movement

Mobility/flow: Now adding movement through tight or restricted areas to add flood flow and quality movement and grove the prime movement before we start.

Activation: Using exercises on under developed areas to build a neurological pathway to that area to ensure they have a role to play with control and stability of the prime movement and ensure quality movement will be achieved.

CNS: Central nervous system, Wake the nervous system up! Using a throw, jump or sprint at a high intensity at a 90-99 percent effort for a short duration is an excellent way to fire the nervous system up before the prime movement.

Prime Movement: Quad dominate, Hip Dominate, Horizontal Pull or Horizontal Push

Superset: Using two exercises back to back that are opposing to the prime movement

Circuit: This will feature four exercises that run back to back using postural movements, loaded carries, core movements, unilateral exercises, lateral and metabolic exercises to finish off.

Downregulation: This is where we finish off the session with pranayama or box breathing drills to move your nervous system from a sympathetic system to a parasympathetic system this simply means we want your body to be in a state or rest and recovery as you leave the gym.

This is a simple insight to how a foundation sessions is structured. Each session goes for 50 minutes and is a full body session. Foundation is programmed for four sessions in a weekly schedule. There is a maximum size of 12 people per this group training session this is limited oon numbers ensure quality coaching is given.

Foundation sessions are recommended for anyone from first timers in a gym to more experienced athletes that need to rebuild a strong base due to injuries, postural issues for have just built an imbalance over the years of training.

Move more effectively and get stronger with your next Foundation session. Benchmark Canterbury Inner west Sydney’s most advance group training gym located in Canterbury.

Posted on Nov 15, 2017