5 exercises you should be doing now

By Benchmark Webmaster | on Nov 21, 2017

5 exercises you should be doing now

By Benchmark Webmaster | on Nov 21, 2017

The following five exercises can be worked into the fitness regimen of almost anyone. They offer a range of benefits in developing strength and conditioning, no matter what baseline you are progressing from.

1: Carry

Carries and all variations including farmers carries, waiters carry, offset carries, overhead carries, rack carries.

Carries improve posture, build solid core strength and develop your grip, there are multiple variations of this exercise and they all have a role to play in building a solid foundation and becoming bullet proof.

This is a full body move, pick stuff up and walk.

2: Anti-core work

Including anti-rotation / anti-extension / anti-flexion / anti-side flexion.

These all develop the deeper core muscles providing stability and strength to your spine and creating a stronger core from the inside out.

3 Unilateral work

Piston press / piston row / single leg ddl / splits squats.

Working on symmetry making the body balanced has a massive impact on injury prevention as well as breaking plateaus ever wondered why you aren’t making any extra progress with your squat or deadlift have you checked to see if you have an imbalance?

4 Thoracic / postural work

Band pull-aparts / face-pulls / reverse flys /overhead pullovers / ywt.

These have massive impacts on your posture. We want to concentrate on higher rep ranges and feeling the muscles as the postural muscles are endurance muscles and should be challenged with higher reps.

5 Breathing

Box breathing / pranayama / bracing.

We see so many people that come in with dysfunctional breathing, relying greatly on the wrong and overused muscles to create a deep breath.

Using these methods with advice can change your mood, energy levels, posture and performance.

We use a variation of breathing methods. Firstly we screen your breathing in one of our MOVEMENT AND STRENGTH SCREENS.

Posted on Nov 21, 2017